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Our bussines

Clúster Aeroespacial del Bajío es un proveedor líder de tecnologías y servicios de vanguardia. Contamos con soluciones escalables para empresas de todos los tamaños. Todo empezó en un café cuando un grupo de amigos plasmó sus ideas en una servilleta. Hoy ofrecemos servicios innovadores e inteligentes a decenas de clientes en todo el mundo. ¡Sé parte del cambio y conviértete en nuestro cliente! Contáctanos hoy mismo para saber más.

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Mission 2021 - 2024

We are the promoter of the aeronautical and aerospace industry in Guanajuato, providing our clients with comprehensive, innovative and high-tech solutions through the cooperation of our partners, thus promoting the generation of highly qualified employment to meet the demand of the sector.

Vision 2021 - 2024

Integrate our partners in the design and development of parts, components and aircraft ensuring a high level of global competitiveness to be known globally in this sector


Industry in Guanajuato


design and simulation


Plastic Injection


Lab tests

aircraft manufacturing


precision machining


Specialized talent development


Additive Manufacturing




Drone design and manufacturing


Interior design, fabrication and repair

President 2021 - 2024

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"Through Strategic Alliances and Innovation, Guanajuato companies work to strengthen the Aerospace Sector"

Oscar Rodriguez Yañez

Our team

We would not have been able to move Clúster Aeroespacial del Bajío forward without the tireless team of entrepreneurs who collaborate to make each project come to life. Our team works like a well-oiled machine to provide all of our customers with smart and useful products that enhance their lives. Keep reading to learn more about the great team of the Bajío Aerospace Cluster.

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